• I. Consolidation of Orders

    When you shop at ITeSHOP, the products that are added to your shopping cart from our ITeSHOP and www.chocoolate.com, and that are pending for purchase check-out, will be shown according to the respective stores. You may select the products that you want to buy from the shopping cart, and then proceed to the purchase check-out. At the purchase check-out, our system will group your different orders at ITeSHOP and www.chocoolate.com together. If you wish to change or amend your order, you may do so before clicking the “Submit Order” button. After clicking the “Submit Order” button, you cannot make partial payment nor cancel partial of the ordered products from one (but not all) of ITeSHOP and www.chocoolate.com webs-stores.

  • II. Order Status

    1. Pending payment : After you place an order by choosing an online payment at ITeSHOP, the order status will be “Pending Payment”. You may cancel the order at any time. Please complete the payment within two hours; otherwise, the order will be cancelled automatically.
    2. Pending delivery : After you place the order and complete the payment at ITeSHOP, the order status will be “Pending Delivery”. The order will be followed by the delivery process automatically and the order status cannot be changed at this time. If you need to change the order details, please contact us via our customer care team as soon as possible.
    3. Cancelled : The order has been cancelled.
    4. On the way : All the ordered products have been dispatched. You may track the delivery progress with the courier slip number available in “My Account” > “My Orders”.
    5. Completed : After your receipt of the ordered products, the system will update the order status to “Order Completed” within 2 - 3 weeks.

  • III. Order and Status Enquiries

    1.You can choose to place and check your order at ITeSHOP as our registered member or as our guest.
    2.If you are our registered member of ITeSHOP, you may check your orders by just typing your account name and password. You can track your orders by clicking on “My Account”, which is shown at the top of the page. After that, please click on “My Orders” in which you will then be directed to the page for checking the order status.
    3.If you are not yet our registered member of ITeSHOP but just shop and purchase as a guest, please click on “Track Order”, which is shown at the bottom of the page. Then, please type the email address that was used for your purchase and the order number to check your order.
    4. Delivery or pick up service
    You may choose to have the order to be delivered at your address or pick up the order on your own at our designated stores.
    Standard delivery service
    After the order is dispatched, registered members may find the courier’s tracking number for their respective orders at “My Account” > “My Orders”. Non-registered members or guests may go to “Track Order”, which is shown at the bottom of the page, and then type the email address used for the purchase and the order number to check the order details, and to get the courier’s tracking number. With this courier’s tracking number, you can track the delivery status by calling the courier company, or by accessing to the website of the courier company. Customer service hotline of SF Express: (852) 2730 0273; website of SF Express: http://www.sf-express.com/hk/en/

    In-store pick up service
    When the order is ready at your selected store, ITeSHOP will notify you via SMS message(s) along with a pick up number. Such store will keep the order for 5 days starting from the day when the order is ready for collection. For multi-orders from our different web-stores (ITeSHOP and www.chocolate.com), ITeSHOP will notify you via different and separated SMS message(s). Customer service hotline: 800 969 032

  • IV. Delivery Policy

    Currently, SF Express is the sole courier company designated by ITeSHOP for the delivery service. Its delivery area covers most of the districts in Hong Kong SAR. If you want to know more about the services and delivery areas of SF Express, please visit the following websites of SF Express : http://www.sf-express.com/hk/en/.

  • V. Costs

    1.Standard delivery service
    Unless otherwise specified, ITeSHOP will charge a fixed delivery cost of HK$30.00 for each order, without any other extra costs. In the case of any special promotions, the specific promotion details shall prevail.
    2. In-store pick up service
    Free of charge

  • VI. Lead Time

    1. Standard delivery service
    Currently, ITeSHOP offers a standard delivery service. Normally, the ordered products will arrive in 3 - 5 days from the dispatch date. If your ordering time is placed after 14:00 on Saturday, or whole day on Sunday or public holidays, then we shall only proceed with your ordering within the business hours on the next business day.
    Note: The delivery time mentioned above is only for reference purposes. The actual delivery time shall be subject to the courier company. In case of public holidays, the actual delivery time will be posted on the Website. In case of delivery to a remote area or during bad weather, the delivery time may also be extended.
    2. In-store pick up service
    Under normal circumstances, your order will be ready at your selected pick up store(s) within 3 - 5 days. If we cannot fulfill your order, you will be notified separately by our customer care team.

  • VII. Inspection and Receipt of Products

    1. When you receive your products, please carefully check if the packages containing the ordered products are properly packed; whether they are sealed with our official sealing tape; the type/quantity/specification of the products, the delivery list, the invoice (if any), etc. When they are in order, please sign on the delivery note. During the inspection process, if you find that the package is damaged or any shortage or mistake on the products, or that a quality problem on the products, please immediately inform the courier company of the problem (in case of standard delivery service) or our staff at your selected pick up store (in case of in-store pick up service) and decline the receipt of the whole parcel, and please also contact our customer care team. We will use our best endeavours to resolve the problem. In any event, please do not open nor damage the products and the packaging.
    2. If you decline the receipt of the products for reasons not caused by quality problems, please do not open nor damage the products and the packaging.

  • VIII. Notes on Deliveries

    1.In case of public holidays, the actual delivery time will be posted on the Website. In case of delivery to a remote area or during bad weather, the delivery time may also be extended. Each order shall only be delivered to one single address.
    2.Once the order has been delivered, we will not be able to change the delivery address.
    3.For the accurate delivery of products by our courier, please provide a detailed delivery address in your ordering, like : Room XX, XX Floor, XXX Name of Building / Estate, Number XX, XXX Road / Street, XXX District, Hong Kong SAR.

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